How to Look Good in Your Wedding Photos

We know, you have a dream of a perfect wedding. That’s great! Every dream is possible, so as your wedding plans. Follow our advice on how to look good in your wedding photos and you will not be disappointed.

Hire the photographer you trust

Photographer will spend with you on your wedding day the whole day. He will be with you from the very beginning until late, so it is so important to go ahead and hire the person you like and trust. There is so many options available out there. We always advice to talk to the photographer you consider to hire, to find out if that person is the right fit for you.

Plan your pre wedding Engagement Shoot

Engagement shoot is a great way to get to know your wedding photographer. It is amazing idea to become more comfortable in front of the camera and get to know you angles as well. As a humans we all feel awkward when someone is taking our pictures. It takes time and engagement shoot is a fantastic practice time for the two of you. And you will have set of great pictures too.

Find a wedding dress you will look great in

There is plenty options available. You can buy your wedding dress and keep it forever. Or you might consider of hiring one. Whichever option you will go ahead, take your time. Try every dress you like as well as listen to the feedback at the bridal salon. Professionals know what they are talking about and they are trying you to look as best as you can look. So many dresses look amazing at a picture, but lots of them when put on, loose their magic. Of course, go and check your dream options first!

Choose your Make up artist and Hair stylist wisely

No matter how good you think you can do your make up, please leave your wedding make up and styling your hair to the professionals. There is a difference between great make up you can do at home and a make up which will look amazing on photos and will last whole day. Once searching for professional mua, check the photos of real brides as well as recent work at social media profiles.

Think of the right time of the day for wedding photos

When creating your wedding itinerary, please consider asking your wedding photographer when it will be the best time to take family photos, couple photos and considering your wedding ceremony and reception venues (if separate) where will be the best location. You are hiring professional photographer, so trust his judgment and leave it for him. This will take a pressure from your shoulders of thinking when to do it as well as it will be done at best possible time of the day.

Remember that not only you will see your wedding pictures

What we mean here is you to relax and be yourself. Both wedding photos and wedding video will stay with you forever as a memories of the best day in your life. You want to have fun and be yourself. You spent so much time and effort in planning this day to be PERFECT and let it be as perfect, as it can be. And your wedding vendors will make it perfect as well. Let wedding professionals to do their job as you have chosen them wisely. And do not forget to have fun. 🙂

We would be absolutely delighted to answer any more questions or concerns you might have on planning your perfect 2021 wedding. We witnessed plenty of them and we have planned one two. Many thanks for taking time and stopping here to read it. If you think it might help someone who ask how to look good in your wedding photos, please share it.

How to look good in your wedding photos