Lifestyle Photography

When the family photographer goes on holidays… Well, actually it won’t be about holidays. This summer being on short holiday I met three wonderful families, who asked me to take some lifestyle session with them. With beautiful weather, sea and absolutely lovely atmosphere I couldn’t say no. I thought as well there is probably limit of interesting pictures you can take at the beach. As always I got great surprises!!

First family was Milena, Jakub and little crazy Zosia!! I’m telling you people will hear about this child one day! This girl is completely fearless !! Seriously! We meant to take some shots on the beach but parents decided to start with different ambient! We took go kart and went to woods. Woohoo! I was jumping like crazy once Zosia strated to drive! OMG, that was awesome! All future boyfriends be aware, LOL. Few moments later we took the most amazing picture, but again not only at the seaside but in the sea itself actually! Of course no one thought about taking clothes for change, lol. Well, you will see it was worth to get wet. Big time!

Next day I had a great family of five. To be honest, I was a bit afraid if we all manage with little children neat the water. But I think they were one of the most warm and enjoyable family I have ever worked so far! They were so calm, fun and calm during whole session. We had tree children – Hania who was 3, Kinga few months old and Szymon who is 4 and absolutely stole my heart. Little boy is autistic and don’t speak but connection he makes with his family is magical.  Ohh, how I loved that session and you can tell watching the story how beautiful family they are.

Go kart at the beach

The last but not the least was a couple with two boys. And I thought nothing can surprise me anymore but hey!! Another go kart and guess what, driven actually on the beach! The brotherhood love and parents great moment created wonderful images. All three families were captured during sunset to capture these beautiful colors. It is great to photograph against the sun. Skin tones are so amazing. I absolutely love it!

I am so grateful for possibility to capture these wonderful families.

Please take a moment and have a look on that great memories.