Surrey Lifestyle Photography

When we think about family photography we usually mean parents and children. This time however I had a special request for city shoot for future model. Dominik is still a teenager but has lots of potential to became a big star. Even it was his first time in front of professional photographer, he behaved and posed like it was his everyday routine. We chose East Croydon streets as perfect location for shoot with young model. We knew it has to be modern and relaxed place. Street graffiti and full of colours made this session really interesting and great background for photography. Dominik even still very young had his own idea and a vision for the shoot. I loved the idea of outfits and the way he was posing. It was very mature and real. Modeling industry is very popular and already very saturated. It is not easy to get a chance to be spotted by leading brands. Models agencies have big expectations as they can choose between lots of rising stars. The styled shoot is the first step to get in the business. Usually you need few pictures with full face and the full body. It is really easy to do but I wanted something more from that day. I really wanted to show Dominik’s character. His sad look and moody face creates mystery look. I didn’t want any cheesy smiles as I could feel what is Dominik’s style. Absolutely loved that he stayed himself. Our model is very smart young boy who knows what he wants. He is a big dreamer who stays very authentic with the way he is. I belived his look, how about you?

Take a minute, look through the images and let us know if we did a great job.