Natural History Museum Wedding

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Have you ever attend a wedding, which started on one day and finished the following day? Well, all east European weddings lasts long, way over the midnight. But not on this day. This was the longest and most colorful wedding we capture. And so much fun!

Wedding day of Dip and Chandni started very early in the morning, at 5am. Getting ready traditionally at their family homes in London. Capturing getting ready is always lots of fun, as we love that morning rush. And just see how stunning Chandni looked. To be able to manage everything, you just need to get up early. Dip’s Sikh groom’s attire was impressive as well.

Gravesend Gurdwara

Gravesend Gurdwara is the largest and grandest Gurdwara in the whole Europe. They have chosen this venue to get married and that was amazing choice. We have been very lucky with a weather. As a London wedding photographers we know, that you can plan anything, but not a weather at a wedding day.

Straight after the wedding ceremony Dip went for a clean shave and Chandni to get ready for a wedding reception. And what a reception it was. Held at Natural History Museum in Central London wedding reception was exceptional. Dance next to the ancient dinosaurs was so surprising and in the same time was just awesome. For us to be able to capture such a grand and unusual wedding for an amazing experience. And we want more.

Our Asian Wedding Photography took us to many amazing places. We covered weddings at castles, great ballrooms and Formula 1 tracks. But to be able to come to our favorite museum in Central London and stay there for an amazing party until early morning was just exceptional.

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Natural History Museum Wedding

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