guildford surrey wedding photography

Guildford Surrey Wedding Photography // Ashwini & Gautam

Guildford Surrey Wedding Photography

"All the pictures were fabulous. He captured the entire event beautifully. Amazing candid pics."

Being Ashwini and Gautam's wedding photographer in Guildford, Surrey was an amazing experience. Especially thank to them for choosing me to document their intimate wedding.

UK weddings - like any other in the world - for me are all about the people. Friends and family present at Ashwini and Gautam Guildford Wedding really created amazing atmosphere. I could feel love, friendship and happiness all around.

Ashwini and Gautam have their wedding ceremony held in Guildford Register Office. It was first time for me, so thank you for giving me opportunity to shoot at another venue where I haven't been before. The ceremony was held in a room full of friends and family. Such a nice and intimate ceremony. After Ashwini and Gautam became husband and wife, small crowd gathered just outside the main entrance, to celebrate great exit with colorful petals. Straight after that we went into few group portraits and head over to their Guildford Wedding Reception venue, which was Inn On The Lake.

Friends and family prepared for newly weds a surprise: they have printed all Facebook pictures of Ashwini and Gautam's they could find. It was such a nice and emotional touch.

Here are a few of my favorite frames from Ashwini and Gautam wedding in Guildford, Surrey at the Inn On The Lake in Guildford

Guildford Surrey Wedding Photography

I had an amazing time shooting an Indian wedding in Guildford, Surrey, it was the perfect setting for any intimate Wedding Ceremony. If you’re planning on having a wedding in Guildford, Surrey or anywhere else in UK, then please get in touch. I’d love to hear all about it and have the opportunity to do another Guildford Surrey Wedding Photography.


somali nikkah wedding london

Somali Nikkah Wedding London

Somali Nikkah Wedding London

This time we present to you Somali Nikkah Wedding as a film – highlight video from that beautiful and lively event we could take part. It was an amazing experience for us.

Thank you Kareem and Tanya that we could be with you and your family during those special and full of emotions moments.

Bridal make up – beautybyjazzelle

Bridal hair – First Class Hair Salon

Click ‘play’, and enjoy. And do not forget to put up the volume. It is worth it:

Are you looking for London Wedding Videographer? Or maybe you know someone, who is engaged and are planning the wedding? If so, contact us. We will be delighted to hear your story.

Somali Nikkah Wedding London. Amazing Nikkah Muslim Wedding Ceremony in London. Nikkah Wedding Video – Somali Wedding Ceremony. Wedding Videographer London.

Somali Nikkah Wedding London

booking london wedding photographer

Top 5+ The Best London Wedding Venues

Top 5+ London Wedding Venues

dorchester hotel wedding photographer

The 5+ Most Popular London Wedding Venues

Here is a list of top five London wedding venues (updated for 2020). We are so lucky doing wedding photography in London. We have everything from luxury five star hotels, old warehouses to building so steeped in beautiful design and history. We have shot in so many of London wedding venues and there is still plenty to discover. If you think we could add one or two to our list of top wedding venues in London let us know please. If you would like to know any gems from any of those venues do not hesitate to contact us. We would love to answer every question and know your wedding plans.

Old Marylebone Town Hall Wedding

What are the Best London Wedding Venues?

St Stephens Rosslyn Hill

If you are thinking of surprising your guests with unusual location for wedding reception just look at St Stephens Rosslyn Hill wedding venue. Wedding celebration here will be absolutely brilliant. Church transformed into an event venue is a perfect location for larger wedding. You could have here round style tables as well.

Picture: Couple of London

Pembroke Lodge

We absolutely love this wedding venue. Once you arrive there, you will be meet and greet with all the professionalism. Located in the heart of Richmond Park offers amazing views. The terrace is overlooking to the west, which makes it great location for sunset shoot. We recommend this venue to every couple. Small or large weddings will be perfect there.

Pictures: Couple of London

Fitzrovia Chapel

Amazing venue for more intimate wedding ceremonies. Very unusual architecture makes it great canvas for wedding decorations and looks perfect without any decor as well. We love this setup with the candles. Such a nice atmosphere and central location makes it perfect wedding venue for smaller weddings.

Pictures: Couple of London

Dorchester Hotel

Unusual architecture and classic interiors are invaluable advantages of this place. This is a great location for a luxurious wedding. This venue also offers the opportunity to organize a civil wedding ceremony. It’s a class of its own.

Pictures: Couple of London

Royal Festival Hall

OMG. We love that place. Location no other venue could beat – the views over River Thames and those cocktails served at the bar. We have to mention great lighting, which makes our job even better.

Picture: Couple of London

Wilton’s Music Hall

Well, if you dream to get married in a music hall, that the place for you. Professional setup, great staff and amazing experience. Your guests will feel like at the concert and you will be a real star of the day. Really love those balcony seats as well.

Picture: Couple of London

South Place Hotel

We love every city wedding. And if it comes to London City hotel you have to consider South Place Hotel. Starting from the lobby bar, thru the clock room to the hidden garden bar. And those cocktails. Again, I have to mention the light, which we photographers are looking for everywhere. Here there is plenty.

Pictures: Couple of London

Recent London Weddings:


Are you engaged and searching for perfect London Wedding Venue? Or maybe you know someone who does? If so, contact us and share it. We would be delighted to hear your story and your wedding plans. You might help someone. Many thanks for checking our blog section.

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how wedding planner can help with your wedding

How Wedding Planner can help with Your Wedding

Few days ago I had a chance to speak with London and Destination Wedding Planner Katrien Morgan. She is the owner of South Event Specialists and we met thru zoom online tool to discuss very popular subject of ‘How to plan a wedding during covid19 pandemic’ and how wedding planner could help and make this day even more special. Please get a large cup of coffee (or large glass of wine – Katrien will recommend you some lovely wines later on) and hit play. Prepare for good conversation and maybe a little of laughter.

Interview with London and Destination Wedding Planner

Q: Planning a Wedding during covid19 pandemic

K: I can tell you it is a challenge. Now funny enough you see a lot of people are starting to plan a wedding, most people has some spare time in their hands, you’ve got a lot of couples are looking at 2021 weddings, a lot of venues are potentially looking to open their 2022 wedding calendars. And a lot is happening around postponing weddings. Obviously couples that are affected during this wedding season both in UK or South Africa depending on where your wedding is – I specialize in Destination Weddings in South Africa, but I do UK weddings as well.

The key at the moment is just to keeping up in mind to be flexible, work around plan ‘B’ and maybe a plan ‘C’ as well, chat to all the suppliers, so great communication and make sure you find something that works for everybody. If is doesn’t work for everybody, you need to go and prioritize what is the most important for you and build that plan ‘B’ wedding around that. So it is a bit of a challenge and it is juggling a bit more logistical issues than normally, but I think everyone is open minded and all the wedding suppliers I work with really trying and accommodate couple the best they can. We are all about making couples have the best time they possibly can at their wedding and giving them memories they could cherish for the rest of their lives. Just as any other season during this pandemic we try to do really the same.

How Wedding Planner can help with Your Wedding

How Wedding Planner can help with Your Wedding

wiltons music hall engagement

Beautiful Wiltons Music Hall Engagement

Wiltons Music Hall Engagement

Hey reader, this time we are proud to present to you an engagement story. And it is a special one.

Wiltons Music Hall Engagement

Hey reader, what do you think of the pictures above? Have you enjoyed scrolling thru that beautiful Wiltons Music Hall Engagement story?

Are you planning to propose in London? Are you looking for amazing London's wedding venue? Wilton's Music Hall wedding venue tick all the boxes. Just have a look at a pictures above. If you are planning to get married get in touch with us. We would be delighted to hear your story and take part in your wedding. If you know someone looking for London wedding photographer share it. It might help someone and us a lot.

london wedding photographer

Richmond Wedding Photographer

Richmond Wedding Photographer

Hello readers.

This time we would love to present to you a wedding of Carrie and Jack shot alongside amazing Amy Sanders (thank you so much Amy) at Pembroke Lodge located in the heart of London's Richmond Park. We love Richmond Park and to choose this location as your wedding venue is just priceless. Scroll down to see all the images from that beautiful TWO days wedding.

Pembroke Lodge Wedding

Chinese High Tea Ceremony


jago jaago ceremony photography sikh punjabi wedding tradition

Jago / Jaago Ceremony Photography Sikh Punjabi Wedding Tradition

Jago / Jaago Ceremony Photography Sikh Punjabi Wedding Tradition

As a London Wedding Photographers we cover Asian Weddings as well. Even though we are not Asians, we are often ask for advice and information; knowing that as we shoot Weddings from Culture’s and Religion’s different to our own. After having to have done this many times, it made sense to write about aspects of Asian Weddings and Asian Wedding Photography.


Let's talk about Jago!

We grew up in Poland and spent half of adult life here in UK. That's when we first time had a chance to know some basics about Asian culture.  When we arrived to London, we had a chance to work with people from all over the world.  Because both of us love to travel, we are so curious of other cultures and traditions.  That's how we had a chance to drink first Indian tea or try homemade chicken curry.  It has been many years now and we keep in touch with our beloved friends, whose roots are from India. Every time we go to visit them, we have a chance to talk about present situation and history of their country as well to taste great Indian food. Yes, Anisha & Rosh we are talking about You! So cool that Birmingham is not that far to drive. We had a pleasure to host them on our Polish Christmas this year and they loved it! We had a great fun! So, we learnt the culture from people really.

Then came our first Asian wedding, so we learnt more about religion and traditions.  Some of them are surprisingly like ours. Asian weddings is a topic which we could endlessly write about but today we wanted to bring closer a tradition which happens before the wedding itself. How we were wrong thinking that Jago is only for women side of the family, until some time ago we were asked to photograph Parminder's Jago at Horizons Bar. So let me tell you few things about Jago:

Often meaning “staying awake”, the Jago ritual involves the relatives of the groom and bride, in their respective abodes, to stay up all night. The idea is to celebrate the wedding and make merry by dancing and partying. The aunt of the bride and groom takes an earthen pot (Jago) filled with candles (lights), places it on her head and dances. The pot is further passed on to other family members and friends as well.

Knowing the little information about Jago makes it all so clear, why this is one of the happiest parties ever. On the top of that the lights and colors make that party even more exciting.  We so love the music and heated dance which comes with that. No wonder our bodies straight away join the family and friends on the dance floor. Mixed up with dancing guests is a great tip to get the best shots as well!

Jago / Jaago Ceremony Photography Sikh Punjabi Wedding Tradition