The Most Romantic Places to Propose in London

The most romantic places to propose in London

(Updated for 2021)

Are you thinking of proposing this time of the year? London is one of the city of romance and it is absolutely brilliant idea to do that. Let me show you the most romantic places to propose in London. The perfect proposal requires perfect venue, but do not forget about perfect time of the day, perfect setting and perfect details. Because the most romantic proposal is all about those tiny details, which make everything work together.

Shangri La at The Shard proposal

The View from The Shard is definitely one of the most romantic places to propose in London. Just look at this view? You can be sure she will say "YES"!


Fitzrovia Chapel proposal

Hire a professional violinist, an amazing venue, thousands of rose petals and all the decorations or let plan it for you professional proposal planner. That venue has it all. Couldn't imagine for your partner not to say "Yes", once you take her\him to Fitzrovia Chapel. The location is brilliant to celebrate your proposal in the vibrant bars and restaurants just next door.

Tower Bridge walk and London Embankment proposal

Casual morning walk at the River Thames can transform into the most amazing proposal ever. Don't forget to have with you your favorite playlist on your phone and to spoil your loved one with a favorite cup of coffee. That's the best in the morning, so she will be surprised for sure.

Wilton's Music Hall Proposal

How cool is that place? Once we entered Wilton's Music Hall we felt in love straight away. There are some venues - you can plan your wedding there as well - which tick all the boxes and that one definitely does it. Just have a look. That place is awesome even without any decorations at all. Check here for full blog post from Wilton's Music Hall Engagement.

Primrose Hill surprise proposal

Well, if you are dreaming to propose with an amazing (I would say to have whole London by your side) view, you have to do it here. Primrose Hill offers absolutely gorgeous views over London panorama during every kind of weather. And once you will come here just before sunset, you can be sure your partner will say YES! Once standing over the top you can see whole London in front of you and when you turn a little to the right, this is where you will see spectacular sunset.

Royal proposal at Kensington Palace Gardens

We were not surprised, when Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announce their Engagement at the Kensington Palace Gardens. Once you are there you will still feel Royal vibe. The best time is to arrive there in the early morning due to large number of tourists. But don't worry, you will still find a quiet space for you to go on your knee and ask: "Will you marry me?".

If you are looking for The most romantic places to propose in London and want to surprise your partner with an amazing and unforgettable proposal experience, contact us. We would be delighted to capture it for you or give you advice based on our experience and knowledge of hidden gems of London. If you would love to have someone to plan and organise London proposal, we would to recommend to you The One Romance - Award Winning Luxury Romance and Proposal Planners. Let us know as well if you know anyone looking for London Wedding Photographer. We would be delighted to discuss another exciting wedding to come.

Heston Hyde Hotel Indian Wedding

Heston Hyde Hotel Indian Wedding

Heston Hyde Hotel Indian Wedding

Heston Hyde Hotel located near Heathrow Airport is an amazing location to host Indian wedding reception. Hardip and Pavinir chose this venue to celebrate their Big Day with family and friends. We had an amazing time to photograph this wedding and reception, what you can see at the pictures below.

Our day started at Hounslow Gurdwara were both families gathered together to witness Sikh wedding ceremony. As a London wedding photographers we have witnessed many wedding ceremonies in Gurdwaras all over London, Midlands and beyond. All of them have very similar structure, but because hosted in different Gurdwaras, every and each of them have different character and beauty. Every time it is a new experience and great time for us. We love those colors - just have a look at the pictures, simply can't beat the colors. And the fact, that wedding are celebrations of not only two people, but TWO FAMILIES becoming ONE. It is priceless.

Sikh wedding reception at Heston Hyde Hotel was as expected - grand, busy, happy and absolutely crazy. Yes, every time when we attend Indian wedding, we know that there is no place to rest. We love Punjabi music - here we have an amazing Punjabi Artist Miss Pooja who put on show on stage. Absolutely fantastic. The dance floor was full all night. And when we say all night we mean ALL NIGHT LONG! We were not surprised with such a entertainment.

Heston Hyde Hotel Indian Wedding

Are you planning your Heston Hyde Hotel Indian wedding? Are you looking for amazing London wedding photographers who got experience photographing Indian weddings? If so, please contact us. And if so, you are in the right place. Please browse thru our Asian Weddings Portfolio. You may find what you are looking for. If you have any questions, you may find an answer at our FAQ section or just simply drop us a line or call. We love to chat and would love to hear your story and your wedding plans.

Top 10 Spots in London for Engagement Shoots

Top 10 Spots in London for Engagement Shoots

Top 10 Spots in London for Engagement Shoots



Streets of London

Engagement photos at London streets can be one of the best plan. You can have iconic backgrounds, hidden gems and beautiful lighting. Only you and your imagination is the limit. Best to conclude the engagement shoot early morning - sunrise shoot, or just before sunset. We love streets of London. Every shoot always gives us new ideas. Please check Notting Hill engagement shoot here.

Covent Garden

Covent Garden engagement is what we love. The most touristic and the busiest spot in the whole London. But this what UK capital is. And just take a quick look in the small side streets. Aren't they beautiful? We just simply adore them.

Tower Bridge

Well, who doesn't know Tower Bridge? This iconic landmark and the area around is so quiet in the early mornings. We have been there so many times with the people in love. This is one of the best spots to capture beautiful sunrise if you are early persons. You can't go wrong here. It is amazing spot for a walk, for any kind of photos. This is our favorite spot to start engagement photos in London.

The South Bank

South Bank of River Thames is extremely picturesque. All sort of backgrounds, landmarks, view of The City and of course iconic River Thames. This spot is great at sunrise, during the day and just before sunset. Check those fairy lights. We love that part of London.


Very accessible part of the town. Most likely will be busy with lots of commuters rushing to work. But don't worry, just Enjoy. Like we do.

Richmond Park

We LOVE London Royal Parks. We really do. Our favorites are St.James Park and Regents Park, but the closest to our hearts we always keep Richmond Park. This park is very special. Great for morning coffee, for any type of walk and of course for an Engagement shoot. Every time we have a chance to visit Richmond Park we find it a little different. The light, the trees and leaves and of course magical deers. All that ingredients make this park different than any other. Check our Richmond Park Engagement Shoot and see why we love it so much.

Hampstead Pergola Garden

North London with Hampstead and Pergola Garden could give totally different look to your shoot. It is perfect location, normally quite busy, especially on weekends. And one more tip: it is amazing location for a wedding - WOOHOO. Yes. If you love it, just say 'yes' here.

Canary Wharf

Financial district of London gives absolutely funky vibe into any shoot. If you love this part of the city (as us) try to come here early in the morning. During the day is crazy busy. But still worth to come and enjoy. And don't worry about the security present everywhere. They are really nice.

Westminster Bridge and London Eye

I think we don't need to say any more. Westminster and surrounding areas are the most popular for any engagement and wedding shoot. Couples coming here from all over the world to have their pictures taken. Prepare this areas to be busy. Or wake up very early like we do. Would you get up at 'crazy o'clock' to have your dream pictures taken?

Millennium Bridge and St. Paul's

This is one of our favorites spots at entire River Thames area. We have been here at early mornings, we have been here at late nights. And always the couples where amazed, how cool are those iconic spots in London.

Top 10 Spots in London for Engagement Shoots



couple just got married at the old marylebone town hall

Old Marylebone Town Hall Wedding

Old Marylebone Town Hall Wedding Photographer

The Old Marylebone Town Hall Wedding venue was always on our bucket list. What an amazing place to get married in. Located in the heart of Marylebone, very close to Baker Street Station and Madame Thousand is perfect and very convenient for everyone.

Lizzy and Dylan, relaxed and full of energy couple originally from Trinidad.

Where is The Old Marylebone Town Hall located?

The Old Marylebone Town Hall is located at Marylebone Road in Central London. Old Marylebone Town Hall can be very easily reached by car, tube or a taxi.

What rooms can I get married at The Old Marylebone Town Hall?

Old Marylebone Town Hall has been recently refurbished and reopened some time ago. It has seven different beautiful ceremony rooms to choose from:

Where can I celebrate after getting married at The Old Marylebone Town Hall?

Getting married in Central London gives you opportunity to choose from hundreds of venues to celebrate your marriage. Lizzy and Dylan chosen The Orrery French Restaurant which is located on Marylebone High Street around 10 minutes walk from The Old Marylebone Town Hall. They have chosen to take taxi ride, which gave us few more opportunities for some more candid wedding photographs.


Old Marylebone Town Hall Wedding Photos

Are you looking to get married in Old Marylebone Town Hall? If so, contact us. We would be delighted to discuss your wedding plans and how we can make this day even more memorable. Are you thinking of taking a little moment to get away from the wedding party and take few shots only two of you? Amazing! We know the area like the back of our hand. We are Couple of London. If you like the images above please share it. You might help someone with their wedding planning.


    Karolina and Zibi are happy and relaxed London wedding photographers and London wedding videographer and creative entrepreneurs based in London, United Kingdom who have a contagious passion for capturing people at their happiest moments and create memories.

    husband and wife london photographers and videographers

    Natural History Museum Wedding

    Natural History Museum Wedding

    Natural History Museum Wedding

    Hello dear readers.

    Have you ever attend a wedding, which started on one day and finished the following day? Well, all east European weddings lasts long, way over the midnight. But not on this day. This was the longest and most colorful wedding we capture. And so much fun!

    Wedding day of Dip and Chandni started very early in the morning, at 5am. Getting ready traditionally at their family homes in London. Capturing getting ready is always lots of fun, as we love that morning rush. And just see how stunning Chandni looked. To be able to manage everything, you just need to get up early. Dip's Sikh groom's attire was impressive as well.

    Gravesend Gurdwara

    Gravesend Gurdwara is the largest and grandest Gurdwara in the whole Europe. They have chosen this venue to get married and that was amazing choice. We have been very lucky with a weather. As a London wedding photographers we know, that you can plan anything, but not a weather at a wedding day.

    Straight after the wedding ceremony Dip went for a clean shave and Chandni to get ready for a wedding reception. And what a reception it was. Held at Natural History Museum in Central London wedding reception was exceptional. Dance next to the ancient dinosaurs was so surprising and in the same time was just awesome. For us to be able to capture such a grand and unusual wedding for an amazing experience. And we want more.

    Our Asian Wedding Photography took us to many amazing places. We covered weddings at castles, great ballrooms and Formula 1 tracks. But to be able to come to our favorite museum in Central London and stay there for an amazing party until early morning was just exceptional.

    Let us know if you like the images below. We would love to hear your story.

    Natural History Museum Wedding

    Are you getting married and planning Natural History Museum Wedding? Are you looking for London Wedding Photographer? If so, contact us. If you like above Sikh Wedding London share it. You might help someone a lot. Many thanks for stopping by.

    female wedding photographer

    Female London Wedding Photographer

    Female London Wedding Photographer

    Hello readers!

    As a London Wedding Photographers we get lots of inquiries, if we could cover both bride and groom's getting ready on the same time. We are more than happy to do that. Most of the times we share this part of the day. Zibi is covering groom's preparations and Karolina covers bride's side of the party.

    What if there is a preference of having female London wedding photographer instead of male and if there is a cultural requirement, that the particular pre wedding event is an Female only event. As we are husband and wife team - Karolina and Zibi - we do shot plenty of times together as a team. Wherever there is a need we are more than happy to shoot separate, covering groom and bride's getting ready. Not every single time there is a need for female photographer to cover bride's morning preparations or vice versa. However many times, especially at weddings different cultures, for example Asian weddings or Muslim weddings, there is a preference on having female London wedding photographer at this part of the day.

    Having female London wedding photographer in our husband and wife team, can fulfill the need of shooting female only pre wedding events. That can happen at traditional Muslim pre wedding events, like Henna/Mehndhi party. And we have to mention, that we had such a inquiry and that was the way we shot that events, which came out brilliantly. Being female wedding photographer London is very handy at bride's getting ready. All ladies, especially the bride feels more relaxed and we are able to showcase a little more shots. Sometimes it really comes down to preferences of particular bride. And we do understand this due to lots of different circumstances, like: culture, habits, parents point of view, stress on the day, etc.

    London wedding photography as a husband and wife team gives a two different perspectives. Seeing everything thru eyes of male and female photographer is so much beneficial for our couples. We do tend to use different lenses at same particular situations, which results of having some many different shots within same wedding story.

    Please let us know if you would prefer to have female London wedding photographer on your pre wedding events. Many thanks.

    Female London Wedding Photographer

    Are you getting married? Contact us. Looking for Female London Wedding Photographer? Or maybe you know someone who is engaged and this might help them? Let them know by sharing this post. Many thanks.

    Save The Date

    Save The Date

    Save The Date

    Is it really that important? Is it popular at all? And, what exactly 'save the date' is?

    So, you are engaged and you thinking of getting married? Congratulations. What are the next steps? How to organize a wedding? Well, first of all you need to know when you will get married. Am I right? Well, the wedding date is very important. Otherwise you, your guests and all suppliers will not know what is going on. So, you have a wedding date and you can't wait tell everyone. But how to do it? And when to do it?


    And that's where the problems stars. But, what is the problem? You are getting married and it is your day, right? You will organize this day as you dreamed all life and you invite your best friends and closest family. So, what is the big deal? Well, you need to let them know that you are getting married and you need to do it right. Once creating your wedding guests list, you need to consider who your guests are, what is their lifestyle and where they will travel from. Do they live next door? Or maybe they will travel from Australia, Canada or Ecuador? Well, you might not really know what their commitments are, how much time they need to book their time off or sort out vacations to come for your dream wedding. That's why 'save the date' has been invented.

    Save the date is a formal or not formal short information about possible wedding in the nearer or further future. Can be done really formally like sending personalized cards with particular date and place (which can be changed and/or amended). The purpose of 'save the date' is to give a heads up to your nearest and dearest, that you are planning to get married and they will be invited. If the venue is booked and you put deposit down, it might be very wise to let your future wedding guests, that they need to book time off work, their plane tickets or might consider moving their planned vacations.

    There is one more reason why you might consider sending 'save the date' to your wedding guests: think for a second, there is more people getting married and your guests may be invited on someone else wedding on the same day. Well, that actually happened to me last week and that was the reason to think of this blog post. So, we were contacted by a friend, that they plan a wedding and we are invited - formal invitation will follows. After a week formal invitation was handed over and we confirmed our attendance. Well, nothing big deal, am I right? Woohoo. Finally we are going for a wedding as a guests and we do not need to take our cameras with us. And we will go crazy! Yes, we will.

    After few days we posted our excitement at instagram stories on our Instagram profile - follow us for daily stories - that we are coming to Lake District for an amazing wedding next year. Yeah... Instantly we were contacted by my best friend, that together with his fiance, they have booked wedding venue on the very same day and we will be invited, but they haven't send formal invitations yet. Wrrrrr... What about 'save the date'?

    Am I disappointed? Sure I am. We would love to attend another wedding as a guests. We love them and considering is my best friend it would be brilliant. So, please, do not disappoint your dearest and just save this date.

    Save The Date

    Virginia Water Engagement

    Virginia Water Engagement

    Virginia Water Engagement

    Fiona and Elliot Engagement at Virginia Water

    The Day started rather wet. Actually it was just like someone pouring buckets of water on you. We just looked on our whatsapp - nope, no message from Fiona. Off we go to Virginia Water engagement. As a London wedding photographer, I get used to wet weddings and engagements. I would say it is just normal, that the only thing you can't really count on is the weather in UK. Well, this day was about to be very different.

    Exactly at 3PM, when I was about to meet Fiona and Elliot, the rain just stopped and sun went out. I could not believed my eyes - I was carrying two large umbrellas and now they were useless.

    Fiona and Elliot are awesome and full of energy couple. While living locally, they were very happy for a nice afternoon stroll at Virginia Water. What can I say - the shoot went really well, we had an amazing time - I simply am in love with Elliot's sense of humour.

    Please see some of our favorites from their engagement shoot at Virginia Water. If you prefer to watch it as a slideshow, just grab a drink, hit play and enjoy:

    Virginia Water Engagement


    London Elopement

    Michele and David Romantic London Elopement

    London Elopement

    "My wife and I eloped and honeymooned in London. We had Couple of London photograph us the second day we were there. It was a joy and really set the tone for our entire trip. Our photographer was professional as well as a lot of fun and knew his way around the city. It was a pleasure to enjoy the day sightseeing as well as having a professional take photos of us that we will cherish forever.
    We were fortunate enough to have two sessions, one in the morning and one later that evening. It was a fun time just to go around the city with our photographer. We felt like a little bit of celebrities as people watched us being photographed, however we felt as if we were in our own little world at the same time.
    A couple days later we received some preview photos and they were stunning. It really started to make the vacation feel like it was just about the two of us on our honeymoon and captured us in a way we otherwise wouldn't have been able to see. We discussed our photos the rest of the trip and were drawn closer together.
    Once we received our entire collection we were amazed! It truly was worth it and we immediately began making plans for collages and framed canvases and all sorts of ways to decorate our home with our new set of pictures together.
    When we returned home I must have showed everyone our set of professional photographs in London. Everyone was surprised and excited at how beautiful our trip was. It was a great experience. We have these photos all over our house and will enjoy the rest of our lives.
    I highly recommend using Couple of London if you are looking for a photographer. It's everything you would expect and more! When we go back to London we will definitely book them again and integrate this as a part of our vacation. I hope you will too. Happy travelling!"

    Hello readers.

    This story is a little different. It is a story of two people in love, who wanted to celebrate each other only by themselves. It is a story of London elopement.

    Imagine, you just got married and want to spend time only with your favorite human. Imagine of coming to London, city of romance, from the other side of the globe. This is how those two celebrated their marriage. Yes, married in Florida 24 hours earlier, came to London. Waking up at 'silly o'clock' just to reach London Bridge for the sunrise was a bit of a challenge for them, but it was worth every effort.

    Michele and David, she has been here before, he came for the first time and loved London from the first sight.

    We absolutely love and enjoy documenting connection and joy on the streets of London with beautiful couple photos. As a London wedding photographers we have so many occasions for that.

    Being a elopement photographer in London is always a great pleasure. London is one of our favourite cities for wedding photography. It has a beautiful atmosphere, gorgeous architecture and amazing vibe which always make for great backdrops to wedding photos. It also has a unlimited number of beautiful wedding venues. This city is just perfect for an elopement. The day was captured in an unobtrusive, documentary style, as usual wanted to capture raw emotions and connection between two people. I let them to have fun and enjoy.

    We had so much fun together. They absolutely adore each other and owned the UK capital this day. It was and honour and a great pleasure to be with them on that day and capture that elopement in London.

    Scroll down and check two people in love and their London elopement.

    London Elopement

    What do you think of this London elopement? Would you consider coming to this city of romance to have your love captured? Or maybe you are looking for London wedding photographer? If so, contact us and tell us your story. We would love to meet with your for an amazing cup of coffee. Many thanks for stopping by. If you like this elopement in London, share it. You might help someone a lot.

    Nikah Muslim Wedding London

    Amazing Nikkah Muslim Wedding London

    Nikkah Muslim Wedding London

    Somali Nikah Muslim Wedding in London full of colors, emotions, great music and AMAZING food.

    Can’t get over that night. Tanya and Kareem, their friends and family gather together to celebrate two people in love. It sounds cliche, but just have a look at them. So much joy, happiness and emotions. And how beautiful all of them are!

    When we are invited for Nikkah, we know there will be lots of photography opportunities due to colorful, traditional outfits, absolutely amazing henna, fantastic makeups – on that night all makeup done by amazing Jazzelle, check her Instagram here and her Youtube as well. Hair were looked after by First Class Hair Salon

    Apart of that we can’t forget about this amazing dishes served thru the night. Every Nikkah celebrations we find ourselves having great meals. Many thanks for that.

    Tanya was wearing two different outfits during the evening. Both were so rich with all the details. Of course there were two pair of amazing shoes to compliment dresses as well.

    Please enjoy story of Tanya and Kareem Nikkah Muslim Wedding London:

    Nikkah Muslim Wedding London

    Are you planning Nikah Muslim wedding London? Are you looking for Muslim Wedding Photographer London? Maybe you are planning your Nikah in London? Or do you know of someone who are getting married and would love such a London wedding photography as above? If so, let them know. Share this post. You might help someone. Thank you for stopping by to check this story of Nikah in London.

    St Stephens Rosslyn Hill Wedding Photography

    Beautiful St Stephens Rosslyn Hill Wedding Photography

    St Stephens Rosslyn Hill Wedding Photography

    Just have a look at this gorgeous venue! Still cant believe it was just perfect.

    But let's start from the very beginning. Couple months ago, I was asked to shoot a wedding as a second photographer alongside amazing Anna of Bianco Photography. It was an absolute honor and a great pleasure. Many thanks for having me.

    Start of the day at the hotel in the City of London, where bride and groom were getting ready. Great bunch of friends with them. All make sure everything is ready and stress free.

    First Look - St Dunstan East Church Garden

    Once both been ready we head to one of the best hidden gems of City of London St Dunstan East Church Garden. If you haven't been there, you must check out that place. It is just phenomenal for this place to exist in the middle of busy London. Ellen and Eric seen each other for the first time on that day and I have to admit it was so emotional. There were only two of them - the world just stopped.

    Ironmongers Hall Wedding Ceremony

    Cocktail hour, family pictures and wedding ceremony took place at Ironmongers Hall at Barbican in the City. That part of London is so quiet on weekends and that helped a lot. Closest friends and family celebrated with brand new Mr and Mrs and took off to wedding reception with two red double deckers. And this where the real party started!

     Wedding photography at St Stephens Rosslyn Hill is so good. That set up is just a joy to capture. Can't thank enough for that day. Please see a selection of favorite images from Ellen and Eric's most important day.

    St Stephens Rosslyn Hill Wedding Photography

    Are you on a search for St Stephens Rosslyn Hill Wedding Photography? Looking for Hampstead wedding photographer? Let us know. We would love to meet you for great coffee and hear your story. If you like images above, share it. You might help someone. Many thanks.

    Hampstead Wedding Photographer

    Hampstead Wedding Photographer

    Hampstead Wedding Photographer

    Hampstead Pergola Engagement Shoot

    “Amazing atmosphere, having fun and feeling more confident around nice people like them. He help us to choose very nice location! High quality equipment!!! Definitely recommend this team!!!“

    Raluca + Alex

    Wedding photography at Hampstead Pergola is a dream for every London wedding photographer. It is absolutely amazing London wedding venue with countless photography possibilities. We have a pleasure to visit that place last week with Raluca and Alex on their engagement 'save the date' pre wedding shoot.

    Raluca and Alex are cool and relax couple, who are planning to get married later on next year in Romania. We never had a chance to visit this beautiful country, so would be delighted to go over there for some photographic adventure.

    We had so much fun, while we could finally meet and get to know each other a little more.

    We love vivid and contrasty pictures

    Hampstead Pergola Gardens is a dream for every London wedding photographer and for their clients. It is great for family photography session as well. The reason we love it so much is a fact, that it is impossible not to finish with a set of amazing pictures. Juicy colours all year round, interesting areas with sort of hanging trees and bushes gives fantastic background for both photos and videos of all kinds.

    Hampstead Wedding Photographer

    Location: Pergola and Hill Gardens

    Photographer: Couple of London

    Are you planning a Hampstead wedding or engagement at Hampstead Pergola Gardens? Are you on a search for Hampstead Wedding Photographer? If so, let us know. We would be delighted to go back to North London to Pergola Gardens in Hampstead to shoot a wedding there. If you like the pictures above, share it please. It might help someone. Many thanks.