Surrey cake smash photographer

Cake smash is a new birthday celebration!! It all came from US and made everyone absolutely crazy about it.

Cake smash is all about getting dirty and baby photographer captures the moment. Parents always are trying to have their little humans first birthday unforgettable. Cake smash is something new and definitely worth experience. The outcome is always unexpected. Some children can really do a massive smash, lol. It is worth to prepare for this kind of session. It is nice to do it differently that others. That is the reason we decide to do vintage style on that occasion. We ordered on special backdrop imitated oldfashioned wall paper, and added some vintage accessories like old typewriter and old bath. To make it more home feel, we prepared and hang some pictures and used paper serpentines from poundshop, LOL.

We took images in both, colour and black and white. The idea was to have only black and white, however colour images came out amazing, so we left both styles. Harrison’s mum did a great job choosing the outfit. I absolutely adore hat she chosen. The cake this time was home made, simple sponge with cream nicely decorated – of course to match the vintage styled cake smash shoot. Harrison is only one, but you can tell he is a born model. Great poses, great behavour and what matters the most – no cry. That made this pictures really amazing.

Thank you for your patience Harrison!

Happy Birthday