Stowe Park Engagement Shoot

Stowe Park Engagement Shoot

Stowe Park Engagement Shoot

When it comes to engagement photography, it is always a massive brainstorm. Every couple is different. Before we decide about location for particular pre wedding shoot, it is very important to have a proper discussion with bride and groom. We speak to them about colours, about a light as well as time of the day, which is very important. As a Surrey wedding photographers it is up to us to explain all that potential issues which couple can have on the day. Because engagement shoots are only beginning of great relationship with a couple, photographer have to remember to go through all these details before. Some of the people prefer industrial places, some loves nature and some basically don't know what would be the best place.

The easiest way is to ask and give the ideas. Maybe the spot when they had a first date, maybe favorite restaurant, maybe great coffee shop or favorite place for a romantic walk. There is plenty of possibilities to choose from, but everyone makes it differently. We always care alot about the details of the engagement shoot, because that’s the pictures which most likely you hang it on the wall . They are very honest, natural and intimate.

Depending on location we suggest what to wear, sometimes it's great to change the outfits during the session, but most important is to be yourselves. Imagine, when you usually wear jeans and t-shirt and suddenly someone tells you to dress up and wear a suit and have a walk in the park. Instantly on the pictures you will see, that you were not comfortable and distracted. With us you always will remain yourself. Once we choose location and outfits, we cannot forget about a make up and a hair. Even if the shoot is very relaxed, bride and groom wants to look ABSOLUTELY perfect. As a wedding photographers we always remember to tell you about that before we settle the date. The last, but not the least thing is timing. As a experienced wedding photographers we exactly know when is the best light during the day. Sometimes the weather is playing games with us, but there is no bad weather for engagement shoot!

Same was with Bella and Vinit. Such a great couple and a pleasure to work with. Bella arrived with stunning hairstyle and beautiful delicate make up. That helps A LOT! Both  chose smart casual outfits for that engagement shoot.

The location of their choice was Stowe Park  and we couldn't pick better. We absolutely love this place. So many great little corners gave us plenty possibilities. This park is a part of Natural Trust so every inch of the property is well presented and perfectly groomed. We were offered to use a golf cart to drive around the park and it was soooooo much fun! Thank you so much Simon. That gave us an extra time  as well as saved from a couple of showers.

We absolutely felt in love with Stowe Park's gardens and a beautiful pond. Water always gives this extra cheery on the top. We were lucky as well with weather, even though there were few showers in the meantime the sky, the clouds and the nature in Stowe Park looked amazing. This place has lots to offer, amazing temple, arches, fountain, bridges and much more! We can easily say it is one of our favorite places for engagement shoot.

Thank you Bella and Vinit for choosing us for your engagement photographers in Stowe Park. We had brilliant time.

We do hope to have a chance to work as a wedding photographers in Stowe Park again.

Stowe Park Engagement Shoot

Stowe Park pondCouple holding hands at Stowe ParkTemple at Stowe Park

And a little behind the scenes story of that Engagement Shoot:

Surrey wedding photographer

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indian wedding ariana gardens

Indian Wedding Ariana Gardens

Indian Wedding Ariana Gardens

All and uncut wedding of Naheeda and Muneef in monochromatic imagery at Ariana Gardens. Set of fast moving images showing all event, from bride and groom getting ready with all great fun captured when both families were at their home - groom - and bridal suite - bride.

This photofilm is not about an art - it's about keeping great memories captured in a documentary way, which we both enjoy doing. Low resolution fast moving film, shoot with two Canon cameras by London based wedding photographers.

We felt in love with a gentle music by London Harpist Melissa Adriana Parmar.

Bridal makeup by Safiyah Tasneem.

Naheeda's hair by @hairbyhazera.

Sit back, press play and do not forget put volume up, enjoy:

Wedding Photography Ariana Gardens

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Wroxeter Hotel Wedding Photographer

Wroxeter Hotel Wedding Photographer

Wroxeter Hotel Wedding Photographer

Back in October last year we headed to Shrewsbury in Shropshire for a Wedding of Nikki and Jonny.

Nikki and Jonny are a super cool couple who I met some time ago. From the moment I saw them I knew their wedding would be something special. As a wedding photographer I was exciting to shoot in a county I never shoot before. I was very fortunate to have my wife Karolina shooting with me, she assisted me in capturing the day perfectly and I can’t thank her enough!

The weather was incredible, blue skies and fluffy white clouds.We had a beautiful sunny day with just amazing light and I’m really, really pleased to show you some photos. We arrived to Shrewsbury the night before the Big Day and settle in the hotel to prepare for next exciting day. Next morning on the way to brides house we stopped to capture lovelly Bridesmaids hair getting ready. That was fun! When arrived to brides house we were amazed by Nikki’s family – so warm and welcome – thank you so much again. Nikki and her wedding dress were simply amazing and the friends and family really were entering into the spirit of an English Wedding. What a splendid morning.I love to see parents’ reactions when the bride is all dressed up. Nikki’s dad’s face was priceless when he saw her for the first time.

Boys including groom arrived ready to The Fox Pub. Did you know that traditional Welsh outfit is actually a kilt? How nice surprise for wedding photographers it was?

Ceremony took place in a small lovelly church down the road from the pub. Then we had a short drive to The Wroxeter Hotel for a wedding breakfast. Venue is surrounded by lots of green areas which creates fantastic atmosphere. How nice it was for wedding photographer Wroxeter Hotel. Speeches were fantastic – funny and emotional – amazing atmosphere. There were tears as well. That’s why we love it! What I can say about a party? They know how to celebrate in a style – thank you.

We loved every moment of this wedding and you can see in the photos what a fantastic time we all had. Nikki & Jonny Thank you for choosing london wedding photographer to capture your perfect day.

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Wroxeter Hotel Wedding Photographer

berlin engagement shoot

Berlin Engagement Shoot

Berlin Engagement Shoot

City shoot always sounds exciting. Especially when location is abroad. We have been to Berlin many times before and we never get bored with this beautiful city. So many different and great places, each time discovering something new. The architecture is stunning and the city have so much history and variety that wedding photographer could ask for. Monica and Eddie have chosen this place for their engagement shoot and it was wonderful choice. We wished the day was longer and we could spent way more time at this Berlin engagement shoot.

We had a great idea of dream date in Berlin! Both of us were not sure if weather would be helpful or rather opposite. Happily we were lucky and the weather turn out to be just perfect. Just Monica showed us a bit sour face when swapping her dress.

We started with a nice stroll thru busy Berlin streets, creating few casual shots. Monica looked absolutely stunning in her dress. On the beginning Edward was a bit camera shy, but after showing him few of our images taken, he managed to relax and just let it go. He said even he was a bit of a handsome guy.

Next to The Berlin National Museum, where we spent some time, was a great traditional pub, so there was no other option but take a break and have a pint of German lager. That was so refreshing. We have tried not so traditional Berliner’s kebap as well. So after the break we moved on to the Alexander Platz and train station, where we managed to create a bit of  "goodbye look". These are actually our favorite shots. Full of love and nostalgic and like all images taken that day absolutely natural.

Pre wedding shoot in Berlin

Berlin is definitely one of the best places for city engagement shoot! We definitely will be coming here again! It was such a pleasure to photograph this photogenic couple. They were pleasure to work with. We are super excited to show you this set below. Sit back and enjoy!

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How to prepare for an engagement shoot

How to prepare for an engagement shoot

How to prepare for an engagement shoot


Many couples choose to have an engagement shoot prior to their wedding day. This in brilliant idea, particularly if the wedding photographer is the same one, that will be shooting their wedding. It gives everyone a chance to get to know each other better and will help the couple to relax on their big day. Normally we all have a holiday selfies and we do not really know how it is in front of a professional lens. So engagement shoot is great way to become more comfortable before your big day. We treat every engagement shoot as an adventure, where us London wedding photographers and our clients will have LOT'S OF FUN. Doesn't matter where we go - somewhere really close or really far. After all we love to travel.

So, how to prepare for an engagement shoot?

Clothing: For an pre wedding shoot dress smart casual, especially if there are particular clothes that are trademark or you are known for wearing. Light, bright colours work very well. Try to avoid blacks and bright whites, as these can be more difficult to expose for. Red, blue are always brilliant choice.

Posing: Your wedding photographer should be able to come up with some poses that you feel most comfortable with. We think it is important that you look like you. It might sounds silly, but how many times have you seen couples posing, smiling to the camera and doing what photographer will say to do. Playing, having fun, kissing, dancing or whatever should naturally encourage appropriate poses.

Location: It is very important to consider location of your engagement shoot. Based in London, where many of my shoots are naturally located, there is plenty of locations to choose from: parks (Hampstead Park, Regents Park, Hyde Park, Holland Park, Green Park, St James Park, any park :)), hotels, wedding venues, South Bank (absolutelly LOVE that side of the River Thames), London landmarks, fantastic bridges, and many, many more. But you may consider, and it would be more suitable, to base your shoot out of the town in Wrest Park, Stowe Park, etc. Many couples like to revisit a spot, that has special value in their relationship: where they first met or propose. For more ideas of London Engagement Shoots Locations see our blog post here.

Children: If you have children, bring them along with you and encourage them to get involved too. They are an important part of your life so let's celebrate them! Don't worry if they aren't acting as you want them to. In ten years, you will be glad to capture them as they were. The same goes for you too! Let's have fun!!

Ideas: Photos from the shoot may be incorporated into your wedding day. You can use them when designing your wedding invitations. You could use them as part of a slideshow. We can design for you a book with images from your engagement shoot. This may includes many of the best shots from your engagement shoot with space for guests to write messages and fun notes for you to read and keep.

Most important at every Engagement Shoot is to have fun, engage with your wedding photographer and create romantic and memorable set of shots. As a Surrey engagement photographer I have experienced that many times and that's the key to make the most of that shoot.

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Below few shots from pre wedding engagement shoot:

How to prepare for an engagement shoot

How to prepare for an engagement shoot