London Family Photographer Victoria Park

London Family Photographer Victoria Park

London Family Photographer Victoria Park

This time I had a pleasure to photograph beautiful family from East London. That is why the choice of location was Victoria Park, which is in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets. It was my first time to experience this location. It is one of the perfect places to come with family. I did little research before arriving and was surprised with number of different spots to experience. The park offers two playgrounds as well as different sporting facilities and a skate park. This place is full of historic features and has beautiful garden, wild natural area as well as a scenic pond. I was so amazed with the place. I thought for the family photo shoot it is the perfect location. We met early morning on Sunday and it was already early autumn, however we were so lucky with beautiful sunny weather. The only thing which I haven’t checked, is that this park is holding Sundays Markets. So suddenly there came lots of different people from nowhere, lol. It happened than location of the meeting point was right next to the Market. So make sure you check the dates of Street Market before you set up with your clients, lol.

Natural Family Photography in Victoria Park

During the time I spend together with Sonia, Augusteen and two boys, Shimron & Austin, we had lots of walking, playing football and blowing magical bubbles. That brings so many ideas for images, great candid photos which are going to last forever. It was such a pleasure to photograph their laughter, joy and love. These beautiful souls will stay in my heart for long. It is such a privilege to get to know my clients a little bit closer. Having some relaxed conversations, open up all the doors for me as a London family photographer. It is very beneficial, and I really have to say I am very lucky with the people.  I do hope you enjoy my gallery and please do get in touch if you would like to your own family photography session in Victoria Park or any other location which suits your family. I`d love to hear from you.

London Family Photographer Victoria Park

Are you thinking of having family shoot at Victoria Park in East London? Are you looking for London Family Photographer? If so, contact us. I will be delighted to meet you and your family and hear your story.

London Birth Photographer

London Birth Photographer

London Birth Photographer

To witness a brand new life coming to the world is absolutely priceless. To be trusted and be invited to witness that event with someone else is even more special. That's why I think photography is so amazing.

Few weeks back we photographed a The Old Marylebone Town Hall wedding. At that time Lizzy and Dylan was expecting a baby. Yes, bride was nine months pregnant, so we were even more excited for new baby to come. Few days after a wedding I received a message, that little baby boy Dante has arrived and happy parents would love to have photographs of their brand new family. Without further questions I grabbed a camera (and few more bits and bobs) and rushed to St Thomas Hospital in Westminster.

Young and proud parents were looking rather great and were ready to be photographed. How I adore those candid moments between those three humans. And just take a look at those little happy feet.

I always try to convince every parents to have their family photographed and not only due to the fact, that I am photographers. As a London birth photographer I think every moment counts and every time is good to freeze our memories to last forever.

Please see below few from the images, which has been taken on that afternoon. We wish All The Best to the lovely parents and happy Baby Dante.

London Birth Photographer

Are you looking for London Birth Photographer? Contact me please. I would be delighted to capture your amazing story while brand new addition to the family is born. Do you like the pictures above? If so, share it please. It might help someone who is looking for London Birth Photographer. Thank you.

Photography Gift Voucher

Christmas Family Photographer

Christmas Family Photographer

The best time of the year almost arrived. We all absolutely love Christmas Festive Time. Specially in London we have so many beautiful streets with lights, which make awesome feeling. Every year as a London Christmas family photographer we offer Christmas photo sessions, as well as we offer our personalized gift vouchers. What to buy to someone who has everything? What to buy for grandparents once they say they do not need anything? We have the answer! Get them family photography gift voucher. Our packages are always inclusive of images! Even if You choose the cheapest package the person will get 15 digital images included. It means You do not make Your friends and family to spend any money.  Our top package is inclusive of family high quality photo book and some print out which can be hanged on the wall. Maybe someone is expecting baby sometime soon? Why not to buy photography experience? This is such a precious time – I am sure it would be perfect Christmas gift. This gift will last forever, many years to come. When you open the fantastic photo book you transfer to past times and bring back great memories every time.  This is a Christmas gift to remember for years! And guess what! If You late with Your Christmas gift, we make it for you in couple of hours and send by email – if you have few days spare before Christmas, we will send it beautifully packed through the post. Do not wait – just have a look on our London family photography packages and choose one for Your Favorite people! Our vouchers are valid 6 month so plenty time to use it! We do outdoor session as well as your house, hotel or any other place. You choose.

Perfect Xmas Present - Photography Gift Certificate

Are you looking for Christmas Family Photographer in London? If so, contact us. Are you on a hunt for perfect Christmas present? You are in the right place. Family Photography Voucher is perfect Christmas present for everyone.

London Graduation Photographer

London Graduation Photographer

London Graduation Photographer

Years of learning and sacrifice benefits at the very end. As a London Graduation Photographer I witness that every time.

Everyone has dreams, but to follow them is a very hard work. Today I want to present you Cha. Girl who followed the dreams. She came from France to study architecture. Not only she achieved that, but also much more. The architecture is one of the most difficult pathways you can choose, it easily comes with the same row as medicine and law. Having seven years to learn is a massive commitment. No wonder Cha is extremely proud of herself, as well as her family. They say graduation is once in your life time - the same as wedding or first birthday. So cool she invited me to be a part of this celebration.

To have such a wonderful memory captured at the pictures is precious. Her family flew from France specially for this occasion. It was such a pleasure to capture their love and proudness. Royal Festival Hall London at Southbank Centre is very popular place for graduations parties and most often everyone goes on Golden Jubilee Bridge to take some amazing pictures. Champagne and flowers made this moment even more special. It is enough to have your photographer for an hour or two to take a few great shots.

Don’t think twice just book professional photographer to have this memories special. I bet most of the pictures taken on the Cha graduation will end up on parents and her walls.

London Graduation Photos

London Graduation Photographer

london family photography

London Family Photography

London Family Photography

Usually I meet my families in the parks, woods or other nice and family friendly outdoor. Mainly because it is safe and pleasant for children. During the summer I am lucky as well with beautiful seaside scenery which looks amazing on the photographs. Even I’m located very close to London I do not have many families asking to shoot in the city. This time was different. My last family used to live very central London and wanted to have their memorable places to capture. As a family photographer in one hand I was so excited to photograph in London and the other hand I was nervous as little chicken, lol. You might be laughing but it is not easy to get good shoots in central London, especially in August, beautiful Sunday, sunny and hot day. If you have ever been to London, you know how busy and overcrowded capital it is. There is usually a massive wave of tourists swimming through the town. How challenging it is!!! So being me- no worries, let’s crack on in London - I said. Thankfully I have planned everything in advance. We booked two hours, knowing I will have two seven years old girls which is maximum of time we probably manage.

We started on Tower bridge, where at early 9 o’clock was still quite empty, we rushed through the bridge to Tower of London. Was told by the serious guard we are not allowed to have photographs there, as the whole property belongs to Queen. So, unless we have permission from her, we needed to move on. Obviously, I had not enough time to see her Majesty to ask for permission, so we basically moved on to another spot. There is little tiny park with benches just 3 minutes’ walk from Tower which was empty, and we could take some funny family shoots and have some break for coffee. Next stop was Saint Dunstan's in the East Church Garden, where I promised my little models some magic. Oh, I still haven’t introduced them to You- so it was Jessie and Ella, beautiful twin sisters. OMG, so much energy in these two little bodies, lol. Despite hot weather and early start, these two were full of power. Once finished in secret London location I really thought I will push the boundaries to walk to Millennium Bridge, but hey ho- no problem at all! I seriously was getting little tired, but Girls injected some gummy bears and secret powers came alive. On the top op that I promised some beach sand in the central London, so excitement touched the roof!! Well I think it was one of the nicest and most joyful sessions I have ever done! The ideas of posing were coming one after another from my little models. I end up with millions shoots and headache to choose which one to edit. Since that day I have to say London is on my top list for the scenery, even though I still believe it is one of the trickiest spots ever. If you ready for challenge, security chase and some other adventures let me know and I am happy to crack on with my family photo-shooting experience and take you for a walk through the secret London!

London Family Photography

What do you think of this London Family Photography? Do you like it? Does it appeal to you? What would you say to have such a shoot every season? I think memories are priceless. I think, that time is running so fast, that the only way to preserve our priceless memories, is to freeze them of photographs.

Please contact me if you would like to talk about taking photographs of your family.

If you are looking for a perfect Christmas present consider investing in Family Photography Vouchers and give it to someone you love. Many thanks.

Planning a Birthday party for your one year old

Planning a Birthday party for your one year old

Planning a Birthday party for your one year old

I am so lucky that my job as a London family photographer encompasses so many different things - from fun in the parks, through intimate family parties and big family and friends’ occasions. I was absolutely thrilled to meet Zayd and his family to celebrate his first birthday. It was a huge privilege to be part of his big day and capture precious moments.

Hena contacted me via my Instagram, which recently has been the most common way to book the sessions with me. She asked for the family photography on her son`s first birthday party. On that moment I had no idea that the party size will be something like small wedding. Lol. Having photography experience in big parties like wedding I was thrilled to be a part of that beautiful event.

It was such a joy to meet Zayd and his family, his parents, his grandparent, his aunties, his cousins and all his friends. I do hope that when he looks back on these pictures as an adult, he will enjoy seeing the fun everyone had on this special day.

It was amazing party organized in Venue 28 in Beckenham. The beautiful building is located in the heart of Beckenham near Beckenham Spa and has couple of rooms to choose with amazing catering possibilities.  Hena was a master of planning and she had put so much thoughts into the event – from decorations which she hand made to the entertainment by incredible Leonie`s Funtastic Faces with her artistic face paint. Her ideas gained not only children but as well adults. Trust me she hardly had time for a sip of water. Zayd`s mum easily could run successful event company. Everything in the room was perfectly planned and organized. They decided to have wild animals’ theme with mix of beautiful colours.

From the entrance first thing which gathered our eyes was cake table made by Madison Cakes. Everything was personalized and matched the decorations. I probably took thousands of pictures only of that amazing cake. On the top of that, it was delicious! Having over twenty children at the party, I was really surprised no one tried some of these sweets before dinner, lol. Talking about food I must mention, that catering for dinner was provided by Spice Village. Oh, so good and spicy! Next to the cake you could find printed board with Zayd`s details and achievements. Fantastic first birthday party idea. Massive well done Hena.

At the party there was as well little soft play area for the youngest guests. There were bags of treats for children as well as jars of goods  for adults. Brilliant idea for those who had some longer drive home.

This time on this blog post you could find few tips for the perfect first birthday party. What is actually important, is the people and atmosphere they create. Do not forget about that. Make sure you create warm, joyful and pleasant time for yourself, your baby and all the guests.

Meeting Zayd`s family gave me the feeling lke I have known them for many years. I got wonderful welcome and I hope to meet them again on some other family occasion.

Lots of o Love and Happy Birthday Zayd, thank you for letting me share this wonderful day with you.

holidays with lifestyle photographer

Lifestyle photographer in Portugal

Holidays with lifestyle photographer

Our second passion is traveling. I think it is even more settled in our hearts than photography, maybe because we always wait for that whole year. We do tend to have short breaks, however busy schedule allows one proper family holidays a year. This year long waited destination - Portugal! We are lucky to have Portuguese friend, who found time to travel with us. Because it was our first time, we wanted to see as much as possible, considering two little monkeys, who traveled with us. And we loved Algarve beaches, Porto and Amarante vineyards but there were few disappointing stops as well. Have a look below and go through our little journey.

As our little girls go to school already, we only can travel when school breaks. Anyone who have kids know, that usually this time the flights tickets prices are double than usual. So the best deal we found was Easyjet flight to Faro in Algarve. We decided to spend there four nights and enjoy some sun and lovely beach life. We absolutely loved the scenery, views and beautiful sand. Also we have to admit, that only the small villages further out from the coast stole our hearts. Especially one, famous from pottery and great wine celar Porches Velho near Praya de Marinha, where looking for some nice dinner we end up having great local cuisine. We visit Portimão, Albufeira and Lagos at the coast. Definitely for us the most amazing views we found was at the “end of the world” - at San Vincent and Sagres. You could really spend there whole day just watching the waves.

Three nights in Lisbon

After four great beach days we drove to Lisbon. We decided to spend there three nights booked with Airbnb - thanks Paulo for a great hospitality. Our apartment was in the very center with walking distance to the most famous historical sightseeing points. We spent two days walking around the city, loved the St Georges Castle and Torre the Belem. Girls loved the Oceanarium, despite the enormous queue we stand. However the most beautiful part of Lisbon for us was Sintra with old historical town. We got to the coast as well with stunning ocean view at Azenhas Do Mar. While we were walking through Lisbon we didn’t really feel the atmosphere of Portugal. There was something missing. We had absolutely fun using old style trams in central - used a tip from our friend Kate to catch the tram on very first stop so we could have best seats in this crowded attraction! The name of the stop was Campo de Ourique - jump on tram number 28 or 25.

We love Porto

With little bit of disappointment with Lisbon, we moved on to our next destination which was Porto. How great compensation we found there!! I so regret I only booked one night in this amazing and beautiful city. Porto absolutely stole our hearts. The minute we arrived, could feel the atmosphere of joy and relaxation. Loved every little street of that place. We had great tour at Port Wine Calem museum, not only because it included the wine tasting lol. In the evening the both sides of Porto Vila Nova de Gaia and Ribeira, were full of people dancing, drinking and having great time. Porto I am coming back soon!

Last few days we spent in Amarante, where our dear friend comes from. We travel around vineyards and had great boat trip in Douro. It was definitely fantastic and relaxing time before departing from Portugal. Our flight back was from Faro as well, so we had around 400 miles drive from Amarante. We have to admit, that Portugal has great motorways and in a short time you can travel from one to other side of country. Unfortunately it is a little bit pricey as well.

We did have have great time in Portugal. Also it is great to see different places so you can pick the one where you like the most and be happy to return one day.

Holiday family photographer

surrey maternity photographer

Awesome Surrey maternity photography

Surrey maternity photography

Any good excuse is great to meet your girlfriends! When it happens that one of them is pregnant, this is another reason to have quality time together. There will be a driver to take you home for sure, lol. Monika is the last one from the team to be a mum. All the girls at the baby shower party already experienced the joy of motherhood. You only can imagine how many tips, advice and adventures were shared on that party! While Monika was celebrating her baby shower, her girlfriends had secret weekend break from being a mum. Whoever is reading this blog post and is a mother, knows what I’m talking about, lol.

The weekend was planned at the fantastic hotel with spa, where everyone could relax and enjoy the party. We had great food served and great evening time out. When the girls meet there is never quiet. Never ending subjects to discuss. The long conversations would make me almost forgot to take some photos, lol. I love to get involved as well and be part of the lovely bunch. In the gallery below you will find some maternity images which literally took us half an hour to create. I love this spontaneous shoots. I do believe that way we can deliver the best imagery. If you are thinking of saving some precious memories, just simply send me a text, drop a line or give a call. The size of the party and a venue doesn’t matter It is the people, who make the atmosphere.

Monika's baby shower

North London Christening photographer

North London Christening Photographer

North London Christening photographer

Just take a look at this family. They are happy, they are beautiful, they have fun and what is the most important they have LOVE!

I have been so lucky, that I have an opportunity to meet them and been invited to capture their happy day. They have been celebrating Christening of their son Maksymilian.

The day started at home. Getting ready with the family. Love to capture that connection between parents and child. And have a look at this perfect make up done by James Adisai. That was great time to take some family shots, both those posed, which you might frame and those candid moments. Everyone looked fantastic as they wanted to remember that day. After that party moved to Tuffnel Park Tavern for a family lunch. I just adore such a friends and family time. All gathered to celebrate Maksymilians's christening, and this was the reason to spend nice afternoon with closest people.

Christening ceremony took place at Roman Catholic Church of Our Lady of Czestochowa. Again Father on duty was so accommodating and helpful - many thanks. After the ceremony, we came back to the house - just check the joy on Maksymilian's face once his mum and dad brought the cake with sparklers. Simply priceless! It's all about love, fun and happiness.

If you are looking for london christening photographer or london family photographer let me know and contact me. I would love to be part of your family event and capture those beautiful stories. Time goes so quick and the only thing which stays are photographs.

Creative portraits photographer

Creative portraits photographer

Creative portraits photographer

I met this beautiful Lady few years ago. From being completely strangers, we became very close friends. When you come to a certain age, you think you won’t meet more people, who actually can be your best mates. Usually, we cherish friendships from early years school or neighborhood which last for lifetime. However, Agata is a great example, that you can make friends at any age. She became one of my favorite models as well. Don’t you think she looks a bit like Marilyn Monroe? I certainly do think she is as beautiful as her. I have no idea why I haven’t done this blog post before, as the session in Brighton was done last summer. I have posted some pictures on instagram and facebook, but there is so many more to share! Well, then I thought today will be the best time then.

While outside is freezing and feel like having snow around the corner, I want to send you some sunshine! Beautiful scenery of Brighton with gorgeous girl. However, there is one more reason - the real reason me posting this today! I wanted to say Happy Birthday Agata! Thank you for being next to me and always supporting and believing in me! I wish you all the best from the bottom of my heart!

Dear Everyone please cherish your Friendship!

bromley christening photographer

Emilie's Christening

Bromley Christening Photographer

Emilie’s mum and I met at children’s play group. We have children in similar age. Such a lovely lady. At first we did mother and daughter autumn session. Aneta said that Emilie is very shy and I might find it difficult to approach her with camera. Ohh she was so wrong - me and little Lady clicked straight away. You can see some images from that day HERE. It wasn’t much later when Aneta with her husband called me to book photography for Emilie’s Christening. They have planned an intimate event only with close family and friends. It was absolute pleasure to meet them.

We all gathered at the their family house, had a great coffee and prepared for very important occasion. Emilie’s dress was bought in Next and she looked like a little princess. At their home mixture of Polish and French made a really cosy and warm atmosphere. As you will quickly spot when checking the photographs, I felt in love with their cat Bubba, even though unfortunately I am allergic to cats. He was my star of the day, lol.

Cosy and warm home

The Christening took place at Catholic Church of St. Edmund of Canterbury in Beckenham. A massive Thank you to Father who was on duty that day for letting me in to every part of the Church. It is much easier to get nice images once you feel welcome and have freedom to do your work. Afterwards we did some family photographs inside and outside the church and finished beautiful day with amazing cake from Caffe Concerto.

Thank you so much for having me!

Please check below a little gallery from that day:

Ara you searching for your Bromley christening photographer? If so, let me know and contact myself. Please share this blog post. It might help me and someone else a lot. Many thanks.


The colours of autumn London Family Photography


It was such a pleasure to photograph this young families. I remember those three mornings. We were playing with leaves and running around creating some priceless moments. It is a gorgeous time of the year when nature becomes multicolored and sunlight is so warm and low, and everything shines. Every family shoot is different. But there are always two things in common - smile and laughter. That two factors I always try to get out from my clients to create atmosphere of friendship and fun. To be able to go thru the session and capture natural beauty my clients need to forget that there is a girl with the camera. They need to know that I am part of the family, a friend who is there with them to have fun, to celebrate their happiness.

Three stories below were shot at the same time of the day - I just adore morning sun, the light at this time is simply perfect. Even I am not a morning person at all, getting up for a shoot is so rewarding, that I am extremely happy to do so.

Here are a few of my favourite frames, enjoy! If you like them, let me know.

If you are still looking for your London family photographer please visit my blog to see some of my recent stories. I would love to hear your ideas for another exciting shoots! Get in touch!

I just LOVE the colours of Autumn

We do love all the colours of autumn. If you are looking for your London Family Photographer let us know. We would love to discuss your ideas and help you keep your memories forever. Do get in touch via contact form here or just drop us an email. If you like the images above share it. You might help someone a lot. Read more here. Many thanks.