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Lifestyle Photography at the seaside

Lifestyle Photography

When the family photographer goes on holidays... Well, actually it won’t be about holidays. This summer being on short holiday I met three wonderful families, who asked me to take some lifestyle session with them. With beautiful weather, sea and absolutely lovely atmosphere I couldn’t say no. I thought as well there is probably limit of interesting pictures you can take at the beach. As always I got great surprises!!

First family was Milena, Jakub and little crazy Zosia!! I’m telling you people will hear about this child one day! This girl is completely fearless !! Seriously! We meant to take some shots on the beach but parents decided to start with different ambient! We took go kart and went to woods. Woohoo! I was jumping like crazy once Zosia strated to drive! OMG, that was awesome! All future boyfriends be aware, LOL. Few moments later we took the most amazing picture, but again not only at the seaside but in the sea itself actually! Of course no one thought about taking clothes for change, lol. Well, you will see it was worth to get wet. Big time!

Next day I had a great family of five. To be honest, I was a bit afraid if we all manage with little children neat the water. But I think they were one of the most warm and enjoyable family I have ever worked so far! They were so calm, fun and calm during whole session. We had tree children - Hania who was 3, Kinga few months old and Szymon who is 4 and absolutely stole my heart. Little boy is autistic and don’t speak but connection he makes with his family is magical.  Ohh, how I loved that session and you can tell watching the story how beautiful family they are.

Go kart at the beach

The last but not the least was a couple with two boys. And I thought nothing can surprise me anymore but hey!! Another go kart and guess what, driven actually on the beach! The brotherhood love and parents great moment created wonderful images. All three families were captured during sunset to capture these beautiful colors. It is great to photograph against the sun. Skin tones are so amazing. I absolutely love it!

I am so grateful for possibility to capture these wonderful families.

Please take a moment and have a look on that great memories.

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Mayfield Lavender family photography

Mayfield Lavender family photography

We have been millions of times at Mayfield Lavender Farm. It is located only 20 minutes drive away from our house. Every year we talk about that place a lot, always spending there whole day. When it comes middle of July we are ready to explore it. Our two daughters absolutely adore this place.

We always start our day with brilliant and refreshing lavender lemonade and lavender biscuits. This time was no different! Trying to avoid weekends with girls is hard, however since older goes to school we have not much of a choice. We knew it is going be crowded, but it didn’t discourage us to have a great time. We bought one of the bouquets made from lavender, sat on the bench with lemonade and made simple floral headbands. On this trip we took grandparents, as they were visiting us at this time. They knew a lot about place but never  had a chance to see.

Wera and Pola as usual took part in a competition to find little bugs which eat the flowers and collect them in the glass jars provided by owners. This is very entertaining exercise which allowed them to explore a lot. On the top of that girls had grandad to join the game. So much fun we had on that day. Maybe it was us or maybe it was the place but each time we are in Mayfield Lavender Farm there is a wonderful weather. As being family photographer i couldn’t resist and take some great family shots, especially with grandparents. Absolutely amazing memories to freeze.

Lifestyle photography

I do love Mayfield Lavender Farm for the smell, colours and peace you can find there. I do always recommend to come and see this beautiful place.

Can’t wait for the next summer- see you next year Mayfield Lavender Farm. Love you.

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lifestyle family photographer

Lifestyle family shoot at the lake

Lifestyle family shoot

Whoever knows me a bit can easily tell black and white are my favorites images. I find this vintage style family photography as timeless. This kind of photography gives unique and more dramatic look. I can easily say that everyone looks good on black and white images. This family which decided to go ahead for that style has own very good taste. The way they look is perfect for that photography. It was great idea as the weather was far from perfect. Sometimes you can find beautiful scenery but the cloudy sky and completely lack of sun makes colours very pale. That is why black and white style can bring more character to lifestyle family photography. I do love them as well for not being perfect. Sometimes out of focus, a bit blurry or grainy images look extremely amazing.

Love black and white photography

Everytime I go through my own pictures from our own family albums, I can feel this mystery. People are the most important on them. All the memories are brought through the faces. No one need colours to express the feelings and freeze the moments. My own children have most of the pictures in black and white style. I really hope they will appreciate it one day.  The last think which is great about this style of photography is that any skin imperfections are less visible in black and white. Our faces look much better, natural and more flattering. That is good tip for people who avoid the pictures in general just because of that. Rather than coloru, go for black and white portraits and I’m sure you won’t regret it.

Just stop for a quick moment and take a look at this blog post. If you like it, contact us please.

surrey lifestyle photography

Latest Surrey Lifestyle Photography

Surrey Lifestyle Photography

When we think about family photography we usually mean parents and children. This time however I had a special request for city shoot for future model. Dominik is still a teenager but has lots of potential to became a big star. Even it was his first time in front of professional photographer, he behaved and posed like it was his everyday routine. We chose East Croydon streets as perfect location for shoot with young model. We knew it has to be modern and relaxed place. Street graffiti and full of colours made this session really interesting and great background for photography. Dominik even still very young had his own idea and a vision for the shoot. I loved the idea of outfits and the way he was posing. It was very mature and real. Modeling industry is very popular and already very saturated. It is not easy to get a chance to be spotted by leading brands. Models agencies have big expectations as they can choose between lots of rising stars. The styled shoot is the first step to get in the business. Usually you need few pictures with full face and the full body. It is really easy to do but I wanted something more from that day. I really wanted to show Dominik’s character. His sad look and moody face creates mystery look. I didn’t want any cheesy smiles as I could feel what is Dominik's style. Absolutely loved that he stayed himself. Our model is very smart young boy who knows what he wants. He is a big dreamer who stays very authentic with the way he is. I belived his look, how about you?

Take a minute, look through the images and let us know if we did a great job.

Greenwich Family Photographer London

Awesome Greenwich Family Photographer London

Greenwich Family Photographer London

This time we had great family living near Greenwich Park in London. The location choice was great, however one of the most popular places and tourists attraction on the weekends. Especially when the weather was absolutely stunning. I want to tell you this time little more about the light. This kind of session was very tricky. We met late afternoon but sun was still very high and really strong. There is only one tip for this kind of weather - open shade. As you can see on few pictures, we used trees to create some shade. Where photographed family could rest a bit on the bench.

I’m usually quite negative about sun glasses, however this time it was great prop for the pictures.  Aiden wanted to look exactly like his dad, so both wore them most of the time. Strong sun is not friend of family photographer unfortunately . People usually tent to create more wrinkles on the faces than usual, lol. Most of the time they can’t even open their eyes.  We started our little journey from the top of the park with the stunning views over the Canary Wharf and The City. My assistant instead of holding equipment, was trying to make some space without people around. Made me laugh so much as this is rather impossible job do there. Later we moved down between the tries to catch some open shade. Great choice for children to feel themselves. Our last location was bench and enormous pillars near The University of Greenwich.  I do love the summer, specially beautiful sunsets but can’t wait for autumn to arrive! British weather really surprised us all this year ! LOL

lakeside family photographer

Golden hour family photography

Lakeside family photography

Having such a great summer we couldn’t miss beautiful sunsets. When you think about lakeside family shoot, there is nothing better than golden hour light at the sunset. Sometimes it is a bit tricky, as at this time of the year golden hour comes quite late. Usually at this time little people are already in a deep sleep. However, I’m sure we can treat them a bit with late nap or some extra sugar which will keep them awake a little bit longer, lol. I was double lucky this time, as I had beautiful family with two little girls and not only had sunset shoot but as well as scenic location.  It was really very spontaneous session and trust me or not last half an hour only!

Anna is my very good friend and we planned weekend away at the Lakes together. We had a great cottage to stay which is owned by other great friend of mine! I’m sure you are thinking now - lucky doll! Lol, you are completely right. So once we had a great time, I literally looked at the sky and screamed with lots of passion: look how beautiful, let’s create some great portraits right now. Seriously, they were ready in 10 minutes. I’m sure if we went half an hour later we wouldn't have any sunset on the pictures. We always talk alot  about the light because it is one of the most important factor once thinking about great photography. Our skin, the water, scenery look amazing when the time of the day is right.

We do recommend to give a try and take your little monkeys for golden hour family photo session. Images literally look like beautiful paintings. Take a minute and see our recent work below.

Beckenham Family Photographer

Beckenham Family Photographer

Beckenham Family Photographer

This time the blog post will be a little different than usual. I do have to show you a beautiful family as usual,  but I want to tell you something very important about behind the scenes of the family photo shoots. This should be helpful for the models as well for photographers. Many times we forget that our clients are not aware about preparations for the shoots.

How to organise family photo shoot

Let's start from the beginning:

1.Choose the right time of the day. If we have family like mine the best option I believe is to stick to morning hours. Usually children age between 2-10 have more energy just after breakfast. Same with us, LOL. The best time is to start not later than 9 o'clock, as we need to avoid harsh sun. Our shoots lasts usually around 2 hours, so it is enough time before they get hungry and tired. When it come to older children and teenagers, evening hours are good as well. The best way is to start some time before golden hour, so you can catch beautiful sunsets and great sky and just basically have great light. Our family started at 9 o'clock and trust me after 2 hours the heat was absolutely manic. There is no way to have this session at noon even when avoiding sun and hiding in the shade.

2.Choose the ideal location. There is no perfect location for children. Sometimes we want to have beautiful views, sea, lake etc, but if you aren't to fussy about scenery just stick with the location where everyone will be comfortable and safe. We chosen Beckenham Place Park at this time, as it was very well known by them and children felt very comfortable. They knew there is few nice features we can use when taking pictures as well. Don’t forget that children in early years are not very happy sitting in one place for too long. They need to have a space to run and have fun. We don’t really want unhappy faces on our photographs. No mater how beautiful scenery you choose, think first about your children. Will they be safe there? Enough space to have fun? Any shade to hide in case strong sun or sudden rain? Is it crowded or will you have your own space?

3.Wear the right clothes. It is very important you have good clothes both comfortable and good looking. The best colours are blue and green as they are different to any skin tones. Try to avoid skin colour tones, beige, yellow, orange. Our today's models look great, however if we could change it a bit, darker Dad's shirt would be perfect.  Make sure you choose outfits to match to certain background. It is good to have at least one change of clothes for children and for yourself. Accidents happen and small dirt is easy to correct but wet trousers or whole shirt not so much.

4.Make up, especially for ladies is essential. I know it might be difficult to convince man to have some powder, but would be great to try. Remember, now days camera can see more that your eyes usually. All the spots, wrinkles, shadows are very visible. It is better to try to cover some and leave less work for photographer.

5.Snacks, drink and accessories. Never ever come for family photo shoot without some snacks to kill little hanger or... to bribe your child. It is essential you have some treats your little once love. There is nothing better than sweets, gums or some crisps to make your children happy.

6.Face wipes and tissues. The most time photographer spend on wiping the noses and cleaning the faces on the screen! Please help us and after the treat remember to wipe the face. The same with runny nose. Trust me it happens to everyone.

Please take a minute and have a look at this colorful session, filled up with great moments as well as children's joy.

Beckenham Place Park Family Photography

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surrey birthday cake smash photographer

Surrey cake smash photographer

Surrey cake smash photographer

Cake smash is a new birthday celebration!! It all came from US and made everyone absolutely crazy about it.

Cake smash is all about getting dirty and baby photographer captures the moment. Parents always are trying to have their little humans first birthday unforgettable. Cake smash is something new and definitely worth experience. The outcome is always unexpected. Some children can really do a massive smash, lol. It is worth to prepare for this kind of session. It is nice to do it differently that others. That is the reason we decide to do vintage style on that occasion. We ordered on special backdrop imitated oldfashioned wall paper, and added some vintage accessories like old typewriter and old bath. To make it more home feel, we prepared and hang some pictures and used paper serpentines from poundshop, LOL.

We took images in both, colour and black and white. The idea was to have only black and white, however colour images came out amazing, so we left both styles. Harrison’s mum did a great job choosing the outfit. I absolutely adore hat she chosen. The cake this time was home made, simple sponge with cream nicely decorated - of course to match the vintage styled cake smash shoot. Harrison is only one, but you can tell he is a born model. Great poses, great behavour and what matters the most - no cry. That made this pictures really amazing.

Thank you for your patience Harrison!

Happy Birthday

Gambado Beckenham Photographer

Amaing Gambado Beckenham Photographer

Gambado Beckenham Photographer

I was trilled when I heard Aiden’s parents invited me for his 5th Birthday party. Specially that I was told there will be 24 children to join. What a treat for family photographer! My only concern was the place. The party was organized in the soft play. The lighting inside the venues for children is quite difficult and tricky. There was no option for flash lights around. I wasn’t sure if I’m fit enough as well to run after those little group of little cheeky monkeys, lol. I knew that if I wanted to get great images I would need to go that extra mile.

Once arrived to Gambado Beckenham, my concerned were absolutely true. Lack of natural light as well as high ceilings didn’t help. But hey, few minutes later I found myself like a child again. Lots of beautiful colours around, magical mazes,  slides and extremely loud laughter made a proper party atmosphere! We had a great area with long table, lots of snacks, drinks and surprises to come.

Great Birthday - Great people

Aiden is a big fan of cars, trains and tigers. Parents ordered absolutely amazing birthday cake with little cars on the top! Look at the photos, it was pretty amazing. The main surprise was massive tiger who came to give a high five to our birthday boy! In the meantime all the little guests where running around, driving electric cars and ridding horses on pinky carousel. So you can imagine me chasing them to get those images. It was great idea to give to all the kids blue bracelets, so I could easily  identify them. Birthday boy is a proper model. I didn’t have to say a word and a minute he saw me with a camera he was sold. Thank you for that Aiden. It really made my work easier, lol.

As a children photographer it was my first experience to be on the job in the soft play. I really found it amusing as well. Great idea for birthday party and unforgettable moments to capture.  Please have a look on my gallery I’m posting today. It wasn’t easy to pick just few images. Kids are great in their favorite environment, so the pictures look really natural. Lots of happiness and smiles. Thank you for that! I look forward to have more such a great clients.

Beckenham Birthday Photographer

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croydon family photographer

Croydon family photographer

Croydon family photographer

Anisha and Rosh stood for the first time in front of our camera, when she was in high pregnacy with her boys. Twins are always massive surprise for parents to be. Especially when it’s your first child. On the top of that scan showed it’s going to be twin boys! Woo hoo! For a family photographer it was pleasure to capture them just before the birth. The excitement was in the air.

Now we met the whole family together. How funny is to watch Rion and Rayshaan playing together. I haven’t seen before twins who are so completely different. I don’t mean only how the look, but the behavior and the character. One is calm and easygoing and the other is the “Boss”. I’m sure it will evaluate with the time. It’s adorable to look at them knowing they have each other forever. How wonderful is to have that feeling.

Anisha and Rosh moved from London to Birmingham some time ago but still chosen us to photograph their beautiful family. We couldn’t be more happier. Thank you for that! Now is the best time for outdoor shoots, long days with beautiful weather.

Children's photography

Children’s photography is not easy to take, all depends on children’s mood, and basic needs. I prefer to take it easy. Usually we have two hours to capture the moment, sometimes after half an hour I know I have lots of images, which everyone would love to have framed. Then the fun part starts and trust me that’s the time when the best picture are taken. Everyone is relaxed and there is no pressure. We decided to go to Kelsey Park in Croydon and Beckenham area. I absolutely love the place. There are so many possibilities to capture beautiful images. The family looked great! They managed to dress in the same color tone and all looked so natural. Twins are going to be two this year, so they love to discover everything around them. We did miles running after them, lol. I’m really hoping to see them soon again.

Please take a moment and see what we managed to capture. My favorites are the one with ducks, just everyday candid images.

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asian baby shower london

Asian Baby Shower London

Asian Baby Shower London

Baby shower - another wonderful family celebration. Usually we have colorful cupcakes, sweets , coffee , presents and girly gossips. This time was all above and lots more! Aditya & Keyury absolutely smashed all the preparations.

We were lucky with the weather, as the party was organized in the garden marquee. Every detail was carefully prepared. Parents to be with the family still didn’t know the sex of their baby, so all the decorations had to be mixed. We had stunning baby shower cake with Arsenal logo and make up accessories, blue and pink cupcakes, all kinds of sweets and lots of balloons. All that really made the fairytale atmosphere. There was only one person who knew baby sex and I really tried to get the information, but he kept the secret. I even managed to catch few embarrassing photos of him to exchange for the information, but still got nothing, LOL. He was the master of black balloon with the secret inside. More about baby gender reveal ideas we love here.

Just before all that excitement happened, there was still lots going on during that day. It started with typical Asian ceremonies, full of traditions and attention to detail. For the Asian family photographer it's always a pleasure to catch all the colors around. The ladies looked extremely beautiful and Mummy to be who is as well a make up artist looked amazing . I wish I looked like her while I was pregnant, but really I was far from that stunning look, lol.

Boy or girl?

Once the ceremonies finished we all had great vegetarian meals and moved to the round tables inside the garden marquee. Our great couple cut the marvelous cake and baby shower games started. All the guests had fun with charades, guessing baby food by smelling or tasting and the last game was coloring the bibs. So much laugh all we had. The best was in the end - baby sex reveal!

I was excited like a baby, seriously, lol. As a parents of two daughters we voted for a girl! Are you ready now?

Please enjoy the gallery below and see what colors popped out from the big black balloon and made everyone smile.

Asian Baby Shower London Photographer

surrey family photographer

Surrey Family photographer

Surrey Family photographer

I find the most challenging to photograph children in age between 5 and 12. Mostly because it so much depend on the factor how they feel in the particular moment. If they are hungry, not in the right mood or decided to make silly poses only, LOL. So I think the best idea is to take them to environment, which they are familiar with. The place where they can feel free and enjoy themselves.

As a Surrey family photographer, I am massive fan of lifestyle photography. For me to catch the moments is the most fun. When you can see kids running around, laughing and joking, you know there will be great shots. Of course it all depends on many circumstances like weather, weather , weather.. lol. So not always we can do family shoot outdoor.

Toghether with our family friend, Mrs K, we have chosen South Norwood Country Park for their outdoor shoot. The idea was to have nice family pictures as well as some portraits. Only if our full of joy bunch will allowed, of course. How lucky we were with the weather! Sunny, hot and beautiful afternoon. The place was just perfect. Boys and girls enjoyed themselves, not forgetting little family friend - dog Fifi. I have to admit it was easy to capture Mrs K family as all of them are beautiful and full of energy. I am really happy with the outcome from that day. We managed to catch few really nice portraits which are absolutely stunning.

If you thinking of keeping some memories with your close family please contact us. We are happy to spend couple of hours with you and catch the precious moments. Every age of your children and yourselves is worth to freeze in beautiful frames. There will be a moment in your life when you happily take your family photo albums and tell your grandchildren about precious moments from your life.

A day in the life photography